The Pinterest Madness

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Staying on top of the newest social media marketing methods can be difficult and down right maddening. Everyday a new social media site appears and it can make any small business owner shake their head and wonder how will they ever utilize this new one.

The newest one to hit the market of course is Pinterest and this is a great little site because for just a few extra minutes each day you can substantially expand your reach to new potential customers and build your online brand even further.

If you’re just checking out the site for the first time you’ve probably come to realize it is full of wonderful, interesting pictures; literally, all over the place. And essentially this is what the site is. An entire webpage of pictures linking back to the sources and companies that pinned that picture.

What does this mean for you?

Well first off it means more exposure and more exposure is always good for your bottom line. Secondly it means that with some creative skills you can easily captivate an entirely untapped market. All you need to do is figure out what pictures best represent your company and go from there. We’re not talking run of the mill boring pictures. In order to best benefit form the site you really need to have the pictures that make people stop and go awe or I have got to have that.

Once you’ve gotten a batch of pictures that match that criteria all you have to do is start pinning them to your own boards and then those who follow you (much like friend on Facebook) can take your pictures and repin them to their own boards and the viral effect of Pinterest can then take place. Each and every time your picture is pinned and repinned you gain yet another link back to your website, your business and another link to new potential customers.

Free Marketing At It’s Best

Free marketing methods are an important aspect to any business, especially in the current economic times. Pinterest is just one such free marketing method that you should be using if you are hoping to capitalize on well, a lack of capital for marketing.

Pinterest is one of the newest social media marketing sites to take the internet by storm and it really is taking the internet by storm. In the under two years the site has been around it has been rapidly grabbing the attention span of consumers world-wide (especially females in the twenty to thirty year old range) as well as raising itself in the search engines, which of course means plenty of backlinks to your site if you do it right.

All the pictures on the site drive traffic back to the images source, which means if the picture is of your product or your brand it drives traffic, and therefore potential customers back to your site. It does take a little work though.

As with any method of social media marketing one of the important aspects to do it successfully is to engage and interact with the network. You need to be a member of the site and actually pin and repin others pictures as well if you want to see any results with your own pictures and boards. Now before you think that this will end up being another time suck, think again. Just like Facebook fan pages and other social media sites it really only takes a few minutes a day. Of course if you want to see faster results you can always do more work earlier on to start that snowballing effect but it is not necessary in order for it to work.

Pinterest really is a free viral method of building traffic to your site, just a few moments of time each day can pay off substantially in the long run.

A Picture Can Be Worth Thousands To Your Business

The saying a picture is worth a thousand words has never meant so much to online marketing as it does today. A single picture you could say is worth a thousand dollars if used properly. That is if the picture is “pinned”, “repinned” and “repinned” some more. If you’re confused you’re not alone. Many business owners have yet to realize the potential that lies with the newest picture sharing site Pinterest.

You may be wondering how sharing a picture can help your business. Or you may already know what Pinterest is but are unsure of how it can benefit your business on a marketing level. The simple answer is that it is a social media site and social media is currently one of the fastest growing marketing techniques for any form of business.

Social media marketing takes advantage of one of the greatest methods of marketing that has been around for years, word of mouth. Nothing sells a company better than word of mouth advertising. Hearing from a close personal friend or family member that you’ve got to have this product will outsell some stranger telling you how great it is.

Pinterest capitalizes on this. It allows you to have word of mouth marketing using pictures of your products. All you need is a picture that represents your business or products, a few “pinners” following your account and you are set to go.

You post a picture of your products on one of your boards (much like an online cork board) and other pinners are able to take that picture pin it to their boards and spread your product like wildfire. Your picture has a short blurb and a link back to your site where they can purchase your product or get more information. And suddenly you have an entirely new form of bringing in customers and traffic!

The Facebook Of 2012

If you’re already utilizing Facebook fan pages and groups there is a great little (or not so little) new social media site that you should be using as well. You may have heard about it by now, it’s called Pinterest and in many ways functions in the same ways as Facebook.

To begin, just like in Facebook, a lot of the power of the site lies in the number of followers you have. The more followers you have (and the more people you follow who may in turn follow you back) the better chance you have of your Pins going viral and your business getting the attention it deserves.

You see just like a post in Facebook that is placed in everyone’s feed a Pin (an image you pin to one of your boards) is posted in all your followers feeds on Pinterest. This means that they may see your products image and pin it to one of their boards and so on and so forth until your reaching as many possible Pinners (a Pinterest user) and potential customers. From there the viral effect takes over and your image makes it way through the 10 million current users.

It also allows you to Pin videos as well, which means it takes you video marketing to a whole new level. If getting your videos on Youtube seen has ever been an issue for you, Pinterest can take care of that as well. Just like the viral effect can occur with your images, it can also occur with your videos. This means you’re now able to take advantage of more methods of marketing then ever before, and the greatest part is that it is free, it relies on social media and the addictive power of it, and it takes very little time to put into effect.

Viral Marketing At It’s Best And Simplest

Viral marketing is one sure fire way to gain exposure for your company with minimal efforts. Getting your site and products to go viral though can be difficult. Or at least it used to be. Now with Pinterest you can get your products, brand and site to go viral with just a few clicks of your mouse and the odd interesting photo.

That’s right. You can now take advantage of the viral nature of social marketing sites without having to put in excessive efforts and/or time. All you need to do is spend some time seeking (or getting created for you) some pictures that represent your brand in an interesting and eye catching way. You can then take your pictures, pin them to a board on Pinterest and watch the viral effect take over. It’s really that simple.

Well almost.

Like any social media marketing method you will have to engage the community. The more you engage the Pinterest community the more followers you’ll get and with more followers will come more repinning, and with more repinning comes more customers and visitors to your sites! It’s that simple.

As long as you spend 10 minutes or so a day on Pinterest pinning pictures of interest to your company and adding new pictures you’ll be able to take advantage of a ground floor social media marketing method.

When other users repin your pictures, their followers will see them and if their followers like them they can also repin them and before you know it your brand or product is in front of a much larger market then you could have ever done on your own, all for next to no money or time output.

In fact, in the time it’s taken you to read about Pinterest, you could have already gotten your pictures up and posted to your boards and started taking advantage of Pinterest and all it has to offer your company.

Marketing With Pinterest

If females in their twenties and thirties are your target, then Pinterest better be in your marketing arsenal. If you’ve been anywhere online as of late you’ll already be well versed in what Pinterest is, if not, stay tuned.

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that is taking off in leaps and bounds, but it doesn’t work quite like other social bookmarking sites you may already be familiar with. Instead of using urls and articles like many other sites, Pinterest is based solely around pictures and “pinning”. With the picture, users get to add a link for more information. Are you beginning to see how this can work for your business?

Essentially what you need to do is find pictures that are eye catching and attention grabbing (and of course relate to your topic) and pin them. When you pin them you link back to your site and thus grab traffic and a whole new surge of customers.

What sort of pictures will work? Interesting pictures to start. Any business can have pictures that will work for them. A martial arts studio can post pictures of their fighters in combat (remember this is a majorly female based network) with a link back to their studio website. A flower shop could post pictures of their best arrangements with a link back to the sales page. A dog grooming studio can post pictures of cute cuddly puppies. The options are endless. All you need is a little creativity to capture your portion of this audience.

And the best part is that other users can take your picture and “repin” it to their own boards which will expand your reach even further (think of it like Facebook’s share option) The more users share or repin your picture the more marketing you get done for just a few moments work.

If you’re not yet using Pinterest you should be. Any business whether based online or off can benefit from the social interaction of Pinterest and spreading your marketing through new methods with minimal work.

Pinners, Pinning, Repinning – Understanding Common Pinterest Terminology And It’s Uses For Your Business

As with any social media marketing site being used for business the basics always require you to understand the terminology being used and what it means. Pinterest has just become one of the top ten social media sites and thus deserves a place in your marketing arsenal. In order to do that you need to understand exactly what is meant by pinning, repinning and all the other words that have evolved as a result of Pinterest.

Board – This is the place where you “pin” your images. Just like a cork board in real life a board in Pinterest is where you post your images and can remove and repost them as you see fit.

Pin or Pinning – The action of posting a picture to your board. (Hence the sites name Pinterest, the pinning of interesting images.)

Repin or Repinning – What another Pinterest user does with your images. This is when they take an image from one of your boards and repin it to one of their own boards.

Pinners – The common term used for members of Pinterest. Pinners are like Facebook fan page followers.

So now you know the terminology, what’s the next step?

Well, right now Pinterest is by invite only, so you either need to know someone who uses it already or request an invite from the site. Chances are a simple post on Facebook or any other social media site you are already using will get you an invite quickly. Then the fun can begin.

Prepare to lose large chunks of time as you learn the site and it’s rather addictive ways (which is part of the reason all businesses should be on it.) Addictive plus fun equals time suck and users who become die hard fans quickly.

From there you simply need to start posting your pictures and links to your sites and products and watching your traffic and bottom line grow.

Pinterest And Videos – It Can Be Done

Many people know that Pinterest is a social media platform that is also a photo sharing site but what a lot of people don’t realize is that it is also a video sharing site. That is, if you share a video link on Pinterest the video will become embedded into your image for Pinterest and you’ve got another great traffic source.

What does this mean for your business?  Well first off it means if you don’t have pictures readily available but have videos already on Youtube and the internet, you’re already good to go. No time wasted looking for photos, you can start pinning right away and begin utilizing Pinterest and all it’s traffic goodness!

It also means that you can maximize on Youtube as well. Look at it this way. If you already have a Youtube account that is doing fairly well and has been accepted to have ads, you can further capitalize on it by posting your videos to Pinterest. Then you have yet another source of traffic and another source of income for your business. Utilizing both sites to their full potential will only mean major traffic and rewards for your business and your pocket book.

Another great side effect of doing this is getting high quality backlinks to your videos, which will further help your cause by getting them better rankings within the search engines. Nothing like doing double duty with no added work!

And of course you can also use Pinterest in the traditional way with pictures and images as well. Mix up your boards with a healthy combination of both images and video and your traffic should surge and you could end up with more customers than you know what to do with.

The time is now to begin using Pinterest. With more than 10 million users there are plenty of customers waiting to discover your business and your product, all you got to do is go out there and do it.

Using Pinterest To It’s Full Potential

As a business owner one of the first things you should focus on is getting the best results from your current marketing methods and marketing with social media and more specifically Pinterest is no different. There are many ways to go about marketing but the best ways are those that take full advantage of all the sites have to offer.

So how can you best take advantage of Pinterest?

Start with emotionally driven pictures that represent your brand and product. Humans are very emotional creatures and are more likely to share items that strike an emotional cord with them. Look at Facebook for example. How many times do you see pictures that are emotionally driven shared and gone viral, now imagine that times 10 on a site specialized in picture marketing.

Find ways to connect your product of brand to females. If they aren’t your demographic, find a twist or angle to make them your demographic. Reason being is the majority of Pinterest users are younger females. If you can find a way to strike a cord with them, you’ve got it made in the Pinterest universe.

Engage the consumer. Don’t look at it like a money tree. Look at it as another way to engage your customers. Another method to reach out to them and build your brands reputation. Don’t be spammy about it. Simple engage the community and make the most of your time and efforts spent there and see an increase in market base as a result.

Be creative. Pictures need to grab attention if you want them repinned and to take on a viral life of their own. Boring pictures are just that boring. No one is going to share some boring picture but they will share a vibrant interesting picture of your product.

Think outside the box. You don’t need to just put pictures of your product. For a pots and pan company you could post pictures of delicious recipes and food that can be made with your products. Or for a pet store you could show pictures of exotic animals you carry in their natural habitats. Imagination is key.

Why Your Business Needs Pinterest

Every time a new social media marketing method comes out we’re told we must be apart of it. It’s going to be the next big thing and sometimes it is, other times not so much. The newest big thing your business needs to be a part of is Pinterest. Why?

It’s addictive. And addictive social media sites (think Facebook games, apps and all that fun stuff) live, grow and become giants. Woman from the ages of 18-40 already know how good this site is, are in love with it and are already addicted to it. It’s simple, it’s fun and they love using it, which means it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

It’s a traffic monster. Although it’s only been around for about 2 years it’s already got over 10 million users. You read that right, ten million! That’s ten million potential customers for your business, your site and your bottom line.

Pinning is simple and can be integrated to your website easily. Just like you can place the Twitter with us button, the follow us on Facebook button and other easy to use social interaction buttons, you can place a Pin It button on your site making it easy for pinners (Pinterest users) to pin your site and spread your brand for you.

Pinterest is perfect product placement. The place where you want your product is right in front of your consumers. With Pinterest your consumers see your products as they spread across pinners pinboards and in front of the eyes of new people who may have never before heard of your brand or product.

If that’s not enough reason to get your business onto Pinterest than the simplicity of it should be. It’s not a social media marketing method that you have to pour endless hours into. Simply placing the button on your site can gain you exposure, as will having our own Pinterest account that posts pictures of your products and business. Social media marketing has never been easier and more effective.

When using Pinterest for business

The fastest growing social networking site is Pinterest. This site broke all records when it reached 10 million users in less than 2 years. In a very short time, it outbid Facebook and YouTube. Let us first understand what Pinterest is. Well, it’s a website which is a pin board and it allows its users to share and organize the good stuff that they discover on the internet. This is a fantastic concept. You can pin interesting visuals and photographs, which belong to you or which you discover on the internet. You can also check what others are up to and share or publish their interests if they are similar to yours.

Brands and celebrities have already started using Pinterest for their online presence. In this article, we are going to learn how companies and corporations can use Pinterest to their advantage.

Things you need to remember

1.) Pinterest is a graphical twitter. What I mean is that the site is run on images. Because of all the interesting images on this website, it’s addictive and people spend hours of time on it. The Pinterest interface allows any user to add images into a collage. These images are subsequent to each other. This is the best part of Pinterest. Whenever you see an interesting, funny, motivational or any other kind of an image related to you, you can pin it on Pinterest. If you have something interesting on your hard disk, you can upload that to Pinterest too. You can add tags to your pin boards, so that people can find them when they search.

2.) You must remember that if you are using Pinterest to target customers, you should keep the end-consumer in mind. Think about what your clients might be thinking. If you are planning to pin things related to your business, you must make sure that you should know what exactly your customers might be looking for. Try to make them curious about your business through you pin boards. Get them excited.

3.) Allow all your clients to participate in your pin boards. This will help a lot; there is no doubt about it. One good thing about Pinterest is that people can give you feedback, they can share your pin boards and they can look at the things you’ve pinned. If they share it, it will be shared amongst their network, and if it’s really good, it might even go viral and by doing this you are crowd sourcing your organization.

4.) When you are publishing pictures on Pinterest, remember that you are letting people use them however they want and share them wherever they want. They will be sharing this with their friends. This helps your brand grow but you should be careful about what you share.

5.) At the end, you need to be quick and fast. Right now, Pinterest is in its starting stages, its young. It is growing very fast and can be the next big thing online. Sign up on Pinterest and be the first in your business to use Pinterest for business.

How can it help small businesses?

Social media changes fast. If you are not a professional, it can be difficult for you to stay updated. Every small business these days has a Facebook page and a twitter feed. Here is something more in social media that will keep you busy – Pinterest.

When you first take a look at Pinterest, you might not understand what’s going on. If you are one of those who has spent a lot of money on getting Myspace site designed, and found out that your customers have moved to Facebook and thinking that the same might happen with Pinterest, your fears are rational.

Pinterest is a site where you can upload interesting graphics or photos from your hard disk or anywhere from the internet. Pinterest is where you stick the items you’d have stuck on your real pin board or a freezer. No, it doesn’t mean that you can stick something like “Buy Sugar”. Your stuff has to be creative/beautiful/ inspiring and interesting. Let’s assume that you are getting married and you come across a great idea for flowers or your hairstyle; you can share that on Pinterest.

When you upload or pin your interesting photos on Pinterest other users can comment or share the pin boards. So when you uploaded your wedding flower idea, your friends and others who look at your pin share it with their friends.

So if you own a company, and you do something unique, you can upload those photos on Pinterest. Your friends can share it, and it might go viral. This will help more and more people know about your company, and if they like yours, they will become your customers. Very few people use Pinterest for business. You can be the first one to do it in your business.

Some profiles on Pinterest are private, but most of them are public. A user can follow other people just like on twitter. The user interface is easy to use and navigate. This site is full of young people posting stuff on their favorite topics. The interface is fast too.

When you visit Pinterest, you’ll notice that the homepage is filled with interesting and beautiful photos of different categories. Food, art, architecture, apparel, hair and beauty are some of these topics. It is the most visual social network on the internet. Once you take a look at it, you’ll get an idea of what type of business works best on Pinterest.

Most of the businesses should do well on Pinterest. If you sell goods online, Etsy added a Pinterest button on their listings. So your products can now easily be shared on Pinterest.

Mostly, business in the creative field would do the best on Pinterest. If you do anything creative, don’t miss the opportunity to market yourself on Pinterest. If you are in the wedding industry, definitely look into it. Thousands of people are looking for wedding plans and ideas. If you are a hair stylist, upload some photos of your work, and if people like it, they will visit you. Take these pics with a good professional camera.

Marketing online

A year ago my wife introduced me to Pinterest. It’s a social media site she and all her friends loved. The site was genuine. After going through the website I realized that it’s possible to squeeze some profit out of it. The amount of money you make through Pinterest depends totally on the amount of time you put into working on the site, your creativity and the amount of content you upload.

1. Growing Fast
It’s easy to get addicted to Pinterest. That’s why it has grown so fast. It got around10 million users in 2 years. Pinterest is a website where you can share interesting images you have or interesting images that you find on the internet. It has a lot of traffic, and has grown up 50 times in the last 8 months. Its growth is mainly mouth publicity. The site has already made it to top 10 social networking sites getting around 11.5 million visitors per/week. Not month, week. Its growing faster than Facebook and YouTube grew when they were launched.

2. It’s easy to go viral, if you are innovative
When you upload an interesting image to your pin board on Pinterest, and if other people find it interesting, it is going to go viral. If anyone who follows you shares the Pin, their friends are going to see it. They can just click on the like button for their friends to see it, just like in Facebook. Data says that 70% + pins are repins meaning that they are not created, but shared. Can you now see the potential for marketing? All you need to do is be a bit creative or find something creative, relate it to your business and post it.

3. Visual Engagement
Pinterest is twitter, but with some visuals and graphics. Humans are visual animals and this works globally. Images are the best and the quickest way to spread your msg. Your challenge is to create or search for the best, most innovative images in your category and spread them around the world. For example if you are selling a weight loss product, you can come up with some really good before and after photos of people who have lost weight and built muscle. You can send Pinterest users to your site through this image.

4. This site is new; make the most out of it
Research says that 30% affiliate marketers advertise on Facebook and 25% use twitter to promote products. Pinterest is new and you should tap into its full potential before it changes. A friend has to refer you to this site if you wish to join. This creates urgency and buzz as many pinners wait for their invitation. Most marketers haven’t thought about using this for internet marketing purposes. They are simply clueless. The site is addictive and you should make hay while the sun shines.

5. Uploading messages from your computer
An awesome feature on this social network is that you can upload messages from your hard disk to your Pinterest pin board. This can be a video or a photo. The better your imagination, the more you can use it in internet marketing.

4 ways to use Pinterest to your advantage
We all know the fact that Pinterest is fairly a new social media platform which is growing quite popular and this has actually made it fall in the eyes of marketers too. The rising number of its users also contributed to the increased time that most of the people spend on this site. Many studies also show that the average time spent by the users has increased by 500% which is a very impressive number. Though it is an image sharing place on the net, its growth is tremendous and it has lots of potential when it comes to marketing.

Now, let me explain how you can actually use this potential to your advantage:

Start promoting your products: Though you are not able to sell any product on this site, you can still show your stuff to people and brag about it. You get an automatic price tag and when users come across your stuff, they can also use your link to reach your site and buy whatever you have to sell. Great isn’t it?

Contributions of fans: The boards which reflect your customers do have some advantages. Your fans do wish to stay connected to you and they are like your supporters. You need to make them feel special and also keep them well involved. This will inspire them to promote your products further. Satisfied customers are your biggest asset.

Come up with a Contest: There are immense opportunities to come up with contests which will help you to engage your fans. You can invite your fans to come up with innovative and stylish banners for your products or anything like that so that your fans feel involved. They surely get excited when their voice is heard and their ideas considered.

Use the platform for research: This site would be the best place to do market research or analysis. You can post about your upcoming product’s description and see what people’s reactions are. Read all the comments that people place there. You will surely get a basic idea about what other people think about your idea or new concept and this would surely help you a great deal when you are developing something new. You can make changes or modifications accordingly once you know about your fans feedback. Is it not great?

This way, there are lots of advantages if you actually know how to use this site in the best possible way to promote your products or concepts. If you are into business, it is a necessity to explore new ways to reach people because only then you would be able to expand the reach of your business. If you lag behind in this process, the growth of your business suffers a lot and this is the reason why it is very important to explore constantly.

So, make sure you understand all the above advantages of Pinterest and make sure that you utilize this platform in the best possible way in order to promote your business.

Why people get addicted

Only if you have been living under a rock since long you would be unaware of the popularity of Pinterest. This site has turned out to become the fastest growing site of social networking. It started in the year of 2009 and the number of its users skyrocketed in such a short span of time. You can check out a lot of information available out there which explains how this site can be helpful in promoting anything. But I would like to explain why this site has become an addiction to its users. Why are people going crazy about this site? This is the topic about which I am going to explain here.

1.    The first and the foremost reason why people are showing interest in Pinterest is one simple reason: its simplicity. The layout of this particular site is so simple to the eye and it looks quite clean that way. The white background of the site allows the beautiful images to slowly pop out and appear cool on the eye of the viewer. Many site owners do not know the basics of display but frankly speaking, this particular feature really helped a lot for this site.

2.    Apart from that, this site also grabs the attention of the user and retains the attention span for a long time which makes people stay on this site for a long duration which increased its popularity over night.

3.    The navigation is also quite smooth and easy to handle without any clutter on any of its pages. Doesn’t it sound great? Of course yes and this could be one of the reasons why Pinterest becomes an addiction to its users.

4.    The steps involved in the process of pinning up an image are very easy and they are just 4 simple steps. If things are so easy even kids can handle the process, am I right?

5.    The look and feel of this site is so pleasant and apart from that its utility is what attracted most of the people. This also contributed a lot to its ever increasing popularity all over the globe. It goes without saying that some people’s daily routine starts with logging on to Pinterest nowadays. No, I am not kidding.

Frankly speaking, these reasons are not enough to completely explain why people are going crazy about this site, but still I think I could analyze things up to a certain extent in the best possible way. All of us are human beings and we tend to have certain qualities which are quite common in all of us. One such quality is to be identified by something and display it to fellow human beings. This quality is what makes people crave for such social media platforms because they give them a chance to show off stuff to their friends and others in this world. This quality is being used by most of the platforms like Facebook too and this explains the success rate of all of these social platforms. They simply give us a chance to get noticed and this quenches the desire or the craving inside all of us. Now, did you understand the reason behind the addiction to Pinterest?

How to use it?

When anyone first comes across Pinterest, one would surely fall in love with it because of its sheer simplicity and superb functionality. The site looks clean and pure, which is what almost all sites on the internet lack. Now, consider the idea of driving traffic to your own web site from such a popular website like this. Isn’t it awesome?

Well let us take a look at it.

The main way to exploit the benefits of this site would be through the click throughs. If the number of people who get connected to the stuff that you post is more, then the number of people coming to your web site through this site will also be more and this helps you a lot as this is what you are looking for. All you need to do is to create some content which gets you some following and that’s all.

The process is quite easy and you don’t need to study rocket science now. Make sure that you pin more and ensure that the quality of the content that you pin is high and you will observe the fact that more number of people will start following you. Just like in twitter, here also you can re-pin something like how you re-tweet in twitter. This would help you a lot if you catch someone with more number of fans.

You also need to build the trust of your followers. If you don’t capture their interest or retain the attention they will start un-following you. So don’t spam at all.

Make sure that you link to your own site and ensure that whatever you have to show is engaging to the average viewer and you have done the job well.

Ensure that your content is completely unique as people hate to see imitators.

Make sure that you link to several banners which have the promotional content. But don’t just overdo any of this stuff as people might feel like un-following you at the earliest if they hate what they see.

Make sure that your graphics emotionally connect with each and every viewer. This would make them glued to you and your concepts. Remember the fact that such social platforms are popular in the young circles and this is the reason why you have to target them always.

This way, there are several excellent ways which help you promote anything through this awesome site called Pinterest. Make sure you study several ways to exploit the potential of this site so that you can surely reap all its benefits. You already know the fact that it would be quite difficult to get some traffic to your site by any other means. Some people spend a fortune to just do that and now imagine if you can use this platform and get a lot of traffic; isn’t it great? Try this beautiful platform called Pinterest and enjoy the myriad number of its advantages and expand your business in the best possible way.

Promoting your business

Pinterest is a very good social media site for promoting business. You can post various images and when the images are pinned your followers can see those images. People who like the images can comment and in this way you can interact with your followers. This site can become a very useful tool to attract new customers. Based on a theme or a topic, anyone can create a board. For promoting your business, you must know what your customers are interested in and should create a proper plan to attract them.

You need to observe several things on the website to understand how it actually works and then start building relations. Big business owners are already using this site. There are more than 500 million users and the number is growing. The graphics you create should be attractive so that customers get attracted towards them. When any other customer likes your pin there are chances that he visits your site. This will bring traffic to your site. There are some steps which you can consider to promote your business.

Advertise your product
You can advertise your product by describing its features and some advantages. You can group your products by size, theme, etc. and describe your image very well so that customers can understand properly.

Use the price tag to your advantage
There is a feature on Pinterest which helps you add a price tag on any item and a link back to your website. When you insert a price tag, it is by itself added to the gifts page. Customers can directly click on the gifts page to find your product with a price tag and a link.

Market your Services
If you do not have any product which you can sell then you can market your services. If you are an interior designer then you can post your favorite rooms, if you are a painter you can post your paintings. This way, it gives you a platform to showcase your work so that you gain exposure and may be some work too.

Give discounts to boost sales
Inserting a price tag on the product and a back link to your site makes people understand that your product is for sale. Hence use the correct keywords and boost your website traffic. If people come to your site, offer them a Pinterest user discount which can make them happy and that makes them visit your site again and again in the future.

Just pin out other items which are related to your product so that people see that as a precious source.

Connect with Users
Link with other users and make business relations to create a community. When you sell any product, request for customer feedback so that in future, you can make certain improvements to your product. Just like any other social media site, it will take time to reach targets.

This way there are some ways through which you can promote your business through Pinterest.

All about Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media site where users can create and share their own pin boards. It is becoming popular these days. All the online businesses are trying to use this site as there is a lot of scope to gain tremendous exposure through this site. There are a few things which are necessary to be considered before getting into this site.

It’s all about sharing visuals
Pinterest is all about pinning images. Through images, it is very easy to sell your concepts or products. If you create boards and content on this site then it would be a good place to begin.

Spend enough time
The activities on this website cannot be automated like any other social networking sites. A person should spend time adding comments or images and it can be good for marketers who want to market their products. So, you have to spend quality time on this site or you can even hire any person to spend time on this website.

Doing online marketing on this website is good and mostly women whose age is between 18 and 40 are using this site more. It is necessary to target the right audience to grow your business. Till now, there are no complaints against this site from any business owners. The website keeps spammers away from it.

In the last few months, Pinterest has done a very good job with 10 million users using this site which is a record. There are certain steps you should consider while doing business using this site. Promoting any business is the most important use of this website. You can easily pin your products and can share them.

Customer Feedback
Some of the users re-pin the items and so you must comment and thank the users. This site acts as a customer feedback tool. Make a community where you can meet people who are interested in your products and follow other users as well.

Connect with different Social Networks
You should meet customers in this site from other social networking sites. You can meet customers in a new way and can develop your business.

Innovative Contests
Holding contests can be quite good and you can prepare for some modern contest ideas so that your customers feel interested and involved.

This website has a section called gifts where business people can gain more customers if they put their products in that section. The items which you pin should be price tagged with the website link including it.

Search Engine Optimization
You can do SEO by using this website as it is search engine friendly. When you or other users link to your products you can get high quality back links. The main thing you must always remember while doing SEO is you must use the right keyword and description.

Exclusive Content
The content you share with the users must be exclusive. Pinterest is a new social media site and hence you must promote your website in a way that customers get attracted towards it.

Simple tips for using Pinterest

Pinterest is a famous social bookmarking site. You can share photos on this site and gain exposure to your products and services. If you have experience of using Digg and StumbleUpon then you will know how to use this website. If users like your image, they will re-pin it which will give a link to you. It is very easy and simple to access this site and quite fun as well. There is no specific way to define Pinterest but we can say that it is a mix of Tumblr and Delicious which are full of graphics. Many people find this site interesting because they have the stuff in which they are interested in; not for finding friends.

More and more people visit this site to find a recipe or food in which they are interested in. People share their items on this website which makes it likeable to everybody. There are a lot of tips which you can go through and they are as follows:

Pin Button
If you install a pin it button then visitors will visit your website. You need to follow some steps to insert a pin it button. Just check out the goodies section and follow the steps given.

A person having small business can join Pinterest to share several items so that they become popular. You know the fact that if you visit Google shopping site, you will see only branded items whereas in this site, you can see all the popular items and the items which are being shared by people.

Link Building
The items which are pinned from your site pull the image and link from your site. The pinned items can be re-pinned number of times which gets more back links for your website.

People can offer a whole board to your brand if they like your stuff. There are so many social bookmarking sites but some of the sites have failed to get more traffic and users. However, Pinterest has millions of users available and is considered as top 50 websites of 2011 by Times Magazine. Hence, it has become a popular website.

As a newcomer to the site, your brand cannot become popular but when your brand is checked out by some visitors on this site then you can start advertising your product on the site.

You can do your advertising hugely. Many people are looking for attractive content and they check what their friends are sharing. It is necessary to market the pin board in order to become popular.  The pin boards which are used on this website should be promoted in other social bookmarking sites as well. The manner in which you are advertising your product should not be changed in any site. Whenever you promote your product it should be pinned with images. If the image is not available then, it will not be pinned. Therefore, pin the items and keep your followers updated with current news in Pinterest and try to make the image and content both attractive.

SEO advantages through Pinterest

Pinterest can be called as a social media site or social bookmarking site as well. Some people do not know about this website and its advantages. Hence, I shall explain you what it is and how it can be useful for everybody.

What is Pinterest?
If you take a look at this site, it is quite easy and simple. Any person who joins this site is able to create pin boards. People can share and can gather items which interest them. The items which are shared are put in different categories. When the items are shared and users check out the items, Pinterest drives traffic and hence marketing of business becomes successful. There are lots of SEO benefits and they are as follows:

This site has become famous because of more traffic to the website. New customers can visit your site through this site. It is necessary to attract visitors so that they become interested in your product.

Keyword Approach
Optimize your website and blog in such a way that it gets focused on some keywords. Each and every pin board is indexed separately by Google and so a descriptive title having keywords is necessary.

Link Building
This site’s domain authority is good. All the new contents are indexed more by Google and when more items are posted by you, people will link to it and you will get good amount of traffic. Individual pins should be tagged with hash tags and links should be included in your blog and website.

Search of Image
Pinterest focuses mainly on images. Hence, whether you need to upload an image, poster or a video you have to attach a stored link to it. The ALT tags should be used in the images to become searchable in Google. Just check out your website or blog to find a pin-able image and content that interests your customers.

Analytics Report
In the traffic analysis report, Pinterest website will specify which content produced a click. In this way, you can get a detailed report. This will help you understand which type of pin is the one that most of the people are interested in so that type of content can be created more.

Insert Pin Buttons
This site has pin buttons which are widgets and these widgets can be put on the web content. The visitors who visit your website can click on the widget and can add your data on their pin boards. Another widget is ‘follow me’ just like the one on twitter. Hence, the pin buttons are more useful.

Since the last two years, this site has earned millions of people. It is almost important as any other blog, or sites like Facebook, twitter, etc. People visit this site more and from here they can come to your site if they like the pinned items tagged by you. Therefore, sales increase and your business will become successful. Pinterest is better for raising brand awareness. The published links on this website are called as ‘dofollow’ links. When you post your images, people come to know about your business and what it offers.


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