Profitable Ways To Use Private Label Right Products

Filed in Reseller Tips by on March 1, 2008

Use PLR Material For Autoresponder E-Courses

PLR material is great for setting up your own newsletters, E-zines and E-courses!

Here are some suggestions:

• Quickly upload your PLR E-zines to your autoresponder and use it to build a relationship with your list.

• Create your own physical or digital newsletter and sell your own (or your affiliate) products within

• Charge clients money to include their products in your E-zine.

• Create multiple E-zines and build many different lists (In different niches) very quickly!

• Once again, keep people within your lists. This is a good way to see if they are ‘active’ members or not because people tend to forget who you are if you do not keep in touch with them. If they unsubscribe from your list as a result of you sending them E-mails from your E-zine, then it is a good sign as well because you will want to know WHO is reading your E-zines and who isn’t!

• You can also quickly upload your E-courses to pre-sell your list on your E-books!

PLR Blog Posts & Themes
PLR Blog themes and blog posts are also a very unique way to diversify your income streams. What you can do is you can quickly change the header title for your blog. Then you can install WordPress on your hosting account and upload the blog themes onto your hosting. You use blog posts that are provided for you to jumpstart your blog by uploading one blog post at every interval (Everyday or every 3 days, it is up to you how frequently you want to keep in touch with your readers).

There are many ways you can monetize PLR blog posts and themes – create multiple blogs quickly, make money with AdSense, Kontera, Pay Per Post, Review me, Text-link-ads and many more!

PLR Video And Audio
Last but not least, videos and audios are one of the ways to take your business to the next level! (Without being an expert photographer, interviewer or camera man!) Use it to:
• Enhance your product’s value by offering audio and video as a bonus to the main E-book!

• Bait people to come to your site or upload videos on YouTube and watch as the traffic SWARM to your website!

• Cater to more markets by targeting those who prefer to listen to an E-book being read or the visual type.

Thank you pages.
‘Thank you’ pages are one of the most overlooked strategies. Most people think that they are just there as a courtesy to thank the customer, but there is more to it than meets the eye!
You can use a ‘Johnson Box’ to get the reader’s attention and do the following:
• Promote an affiliate program
• Recruit affiliates for programs that pay on two-tiers.
• You can also direct traffic to your own site and recruit affiliates
• Sell your own products.

One of the most important selling points of PLR is to help people save time, money and effort! But most of the time, you will find people who buy PLR products but they let the products virtually ROT in their hard drive. Don’t be like most people. Make sure you take action and get started immediately and get ready to EXPLODE your monthly income!

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