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Hi Guys,

A free report has just been uploaded to the RRW members forum for you. It’s called “How To Write Killer Ads.”

Click here to read it now:

Also, just a quick reminder for you to download your products from Resell Rights Weekly. You can view a listing below of the products that have been uploaded recently.

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The following 40 products have been added to the Gold Members
Weekly Downloads Section over the last couple of weeks:

2 More Audio Ecourses (UR)
5 Niche Audio eCourses (UR)
5 Niche Audio eCourses [2] (PLR)
5 Website Themes ver.10 (MRR)
Advertising Options (PLR)
Affiliate Cash Machines (PLR)
Affiliate Marketer 48 Hour Plan (PLR)
Becoming The Perfect Chef (MRR)
Business Accelerator Secrets (MRR)
Copywriting for the Web (PLR)
Create And Add A Background Image To Your Website (PLR)
Creating an Online Business 101 (PLR)
Credit Repair Strategies Revealed v2 (PLR)
Email Buzz (MRR)
Flock Install Video (PLR)
Flock User Video (PLR)
Genealogy – Uncovering Your Ancestry (PLR)
Get Rid Of Yeast Infections (MRR)
Good Food And Drink Ideas (MRR)
Good Wine Guide (MRR)
Hot New Business (MRR)
Hot Trends Instant Cash (MRR)
Lean Manufacturing (PLR)
Link Building On Steroids (MRR)
Loving Life (MRR)
Low Ticket Profits (MRR)
Niche Profit Machine (MRR)
No Sales System (MRR)
Online SEO Blogger WP Template (PLR)
OTO Conversions In Depth Videos (UR)
Photoshop Secrets (MRR)
Social Twist Video (PLR)
SpeedBoat Safety (MRR)
Super Quick Videos v8 (MRR)
Super Reseller Exposed (MRR)
Text To Speech (PLR)
The Money Finders Guide (PLR)
Understanding Acne (PLR)
Yahoo 2.0 Traffic (MRR)
Your New Year’s Diet Goal (PLR)

——————  ALSO  ——————-

31 Custom Niche Websites and 1,189 PLR articles
were uploaded on Dec. 15th for Gold Members.

Don’t forget to download your b0nus 100K PLR
articles in the Gold Members PLR article section!

Added to the FREE Members Section in last couple of weeks:

Creating an Online Business 101 (PLR)
Get Rid Of Yeast Infections (MRR)
The Money Finders Guide (PLR)
Understanding Acne (PLR)

To Your Success,


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  1. Dwight says:


    Thanks for sharing this great report.


  2. Diana says:

    I echo what Dwight said — thanks.


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